Health-care providers

Supporting families and their health-care providers

This website complements the care given by health-care providers. If you are a health-care provider, welcome and thank you for your support of breastfeeding. 

A) Our purpose 

This website aims to give mothers and other caregivers useful information about normal breastfeeding, normal infant behaviour, and how to address breastfeeding challenges. This information can:

  • Educate mothers and other caregivers on the behaviour of normal babies thus avoiding unnecessary visits to health-care providers.
  • Direct them to seek help when appropriate.
  • Equip them to work with their providers to make informed decisions.

Health-care providers can recommend mothers and other caregivers consult the website:

  • Prior to seeing them in the office, in order to have a more informed and efficient discussion at the time of the visit.
  • Once in the office, as the website has many visual aids which can be used as teaching tools.  
  • After the visit, to reinforce information given during the visit.

B) Scope of support

We have purposely avoided specific treatment protocols such as recommending a particular antibiotic or diagnostic test as the choices vary depending on local availability and practices and individual factors. Rather we encourage individuals to consult their health-care providers.

C) Evidence-based

Our information is evidence-based when possible. We have cited over 3,000 research articles,  and we continue to update this website as new literature emerges. Where there are gaps in the literature, we rely on reasonable approaches from other areas of medicine such as dermatology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics, and on the clinical experience of Dr. Marie Wallace-Gross. She is a Canadian family physician with extensive experience in helping breastfeeding families, teaching, research, and breastfeeding advocacy.

D) For health-care students and learners

This website is not specifically aimed at health-care students or learners, but rather at families. Nevertheless, our website, which provides practical, effective, and evidence-based information, can be used as an educational resource by those learning to help mothers and babies.