We aim to make the world a better place by supporting families on their breastfeeding journey. 

A) Mission statement

Breastfeeding FAQs is a physician-led organization that provides extensive, effective, practical, evidence-based information to help families achieve their breastfeeding goals.

B) Philosophy

Our philosophy: opening the toolbox and making choices

Families are the best judge of what works for them. Their decisions are based on various factors and issues. With good information about their options, families can make better decisions.

In this website, we present families with a box of appropriate tools to solve breastfeeding concerns and care for their children. We discuss risks and benefits of each approach. Families can then decide which tool to use and how and when to use it.

We, along with other health-care providers and health organizations, recommend exclusive breastfeeding because the research shows that this has the most benefits compared to other feeding methods. There are more risks when expressing instead of breastfeeding, giving the breast at some feeds and infant formula at others, and exclusively infant formula-feeding. Infant formula is medically-necessary in certain situations.

C) Our beliefs

1) Our beliefs

We believe that:

  • Babies are smart and they will tell you what they need.
  • Mothers and other care-givers know what works for them and their families.
  • Most, but not all breastfeeding problems can be fixed.
  • Every family is different.
  • Breastfeeding knowledge is important to breastfeeding success.
  • Breastfeeding tools must be effective, appropriate, and as easy to use as possible.

2) The rights of mothers

We believe that mothers have the right to:

  • Choose how they feed their babies.
  • Access effective and timely health care.
  • Obtain all the relevant, accurate, and current information they need to make parenting decisions.
  • Be treated with respect and compassion.

3) The rights of the child

We believe that all children have the right to nutritious food and we support the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN General Assembly 1989).

D) Funding

We offer independent and unbiased information. 

Our website is funded through advertising which meets the conditions of the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and all subsequent resolutions (WHO 1981).  


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