Abnormal crying

Why is my baby so unhappy?

Most babies are healthy and cry only when they are hungry or for other specific reasons. Some babies may have trouble breastfeeding and be unhappy because they are not getting enough milk. A small number may be in pain or distress because of illness. There are number of popular and somewhat controversial diagnoses, such as colic, teething, and lactose intolerance, that are assigned to babies.

A) Normal unhappiness

When a baby is upset, it can be very stressful for parents. Fortunately, most babies are healthy and cry only when they are hungry or for other specific reasons.

Please consult your health-care providers if you are concerned that your baby is not behaving normally.

Mothers may resort to over-the-counter remedies. These do not address the actual cause of the baby’s crying, are generally not effective, and may be dangerous. Even prescription medication can have major risks.


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