Dental work

Can I breastfeed after dental work?

Most of the drugs used by dentists such as freezing medication and antibiotics are compatible with breastfeeding and there is no need to stop.

A) Describing medication use by dentists and breastfeeding

Recommendations for the use of medication while breastfeeding change. Please discuss concerns with your health-care providers and consider using additional resources for more information.

Most medications taken by mothers, including the drugs used in dentistry, are compatible (pose very little or no risk to the baby) with breastfeeding.

Lidocaine (also known as xylocaine or lignocaine) is the local anesthetic most commonly used by dentists to control pain. Levels of the drug in breast milk are low and only a small amount of it crosses from the baby’s bowel into the blood. There is no need to stop breastfeeding because of dental procedures.

Most antibiotics used in dentistry are compatible with breastfeeding.