Not enjoying breastfeeding

What if I just don’t like breastfeeding?

Some mothers say breastfeeding is not enjoyable. They may find it too stressful or painful or find that it interferes with their ability to enjoy their baby. Mothers who have been neglected or have faced violence or sexual trauma can find it difficult. Mothers who are uncomfortable with a baby touching their breast may consider using a nipple shield or expressing instead of weaning.  

A) Reasons for not enjoying breastfeeding

Some mothers choose not to breastfeed and not enjoying the experience is only one of numerous possible reasons.

Some mothers do not enjoy breastfeeding. It may:

Mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are less likely to choose to breastfeed (Rocha 2020).

Some mothers may have experienced major difficulties breastfeeding a previous child and feel unable to face a repeat of their experiences (Palmér 2019).

Some mothers may not be comfortable sharing their body with a baby (Morns 2020).

Mothers who have experienced neglect, violence, abuse, or sexual trauma can find breastfeeding difficult and are less likely to start breastfeeding and to breastfeed exclusively (Channell Doig 2020; Kremer 2018; Normann 2020; Stuebe 2019).


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