Painful Montgomery glands

Why is there a painful pimple on my areola?

Montgomery glands are small glands on the areola. If they become infected, they may be red, swollen, and painful and can be treated with warm compresses. Some infected glands behave like pimples and develop a white spot in the middle containing pus after which they will usually pop open, drain, and settle. They may require antibiotics if they don’t settle.

A) Infected Montgomery glands

Infected Montgomery gland.

Montgomery glands can become painful, swollen, and red if they are infected, but this is rare. Warm compresses can help them heal faster.

Some infected Montgomery glands behave like pimples on the face and develop a white spot in the middle containing pus. Once pus is present, they soon pop open, drain, and clear up. Healing usually takes a few days to a week. On rare occasions the infection may not settle after ten days and will need to be treated with antibiotics. See your health-care providers if you experience this. 

It is unlikely to recur.