Nipple pain and damage with future babies

How can I prevent nipple damage with my next baby?

Nipple pain and damage are usually worst with the first baby. Good breastfeeding practices, observing the nipples, and taking steps to treat any damage early will minimize any recurrence. Extended breastfeeding of the current baby can also help prevent problems.

A) Preventing future nipple damage

Nipple pain and damage that start within the first week after delivery are generally worst with the first baby. With the second baby:

  • Mothers know how to:
  • The nipples have been through the adaptation process once and can adapt more easily to resuming breastfeeding.

Mothers can minimize and even prevent nipple pain and damage by breastfeeding their baby for as long as possible and through the next pregnancy.

If the first baby did not feed effectively from birth, as with a premature, sleepy newborn, or sick baby but the second baby does, then the nipple damage may be worse with the second baby.