How a large milk supply affects mothers

How does a large milk supply affect me?

The benefits of a large supply of breast milk include: short feeds, quick expression of breast milk in large amounts, having a baby who grows well, and no worries about a low milk supply. On the other hand, a large supply may mean extremely full and tender breasts with strong and painful let-downs, leaking, spraying, and other challenges. Babies of mothers with a large supply and whose breasts are very full may have trouble latching, leading to painful, damaged nipples.

A) Advantages of a large milk supply

Mothers with a large milk supply benefit by:

  • Spending less time breastfeeding because of short feeds.
  • Generally being able to express effectively and quickly in large amounts.
  • Having a baby who grows well.
  • Not having to worry about a low milk supply.
  • Having enough milk to breastfeed or breast milk feed premature babies, twins, or two siblings simultaneously (tandem breastfeed).

Having a large milk supply makes donating to a milk bank easier.

B) Disadvantages of a large milk supply

Mothers with a large milk supply may notice:

Mothers with a large supply may have extremely full breasts and firmness of the nipple root as their milk comes in and for a few weeks afterwards. This makes it hard for babies to latch. If the baby does latch, the nipple may not be far enough back in the baby’s mouth. The baby will also need to create more suction to remain latched. Both can result in nipple pain and damage.