Milk drunk

Why does my one-month-old baby go limp during some feeds?

Normal babies under two months of age will go limp toward the end of the feed. This calming effect is one of the benefits of breastfeeding.

A) Describing babies who are milk drunk

Babies under eight weeks of age often go limp while breastfeeding in the second or third breastfeeding stage. They are so relaxed that you can pick up their arm or leg and drop it without them reacting. Some people aptly describe this as being “milk drunk” or in a “milk coma.”

This is normal and generally a sign of a good milk supply. It is not the same as the sleepy behaviour of an underfed newborn baby.

This degree of relaxation is probably beneficial in minimizing the baby’s stress.

This does not tend to happen as easily when babies are bottle-fed.

The video below shows a normal baby who is limp while breastfeeding. He is in the second stage of breastfeeding. 

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