Breast pads

Do I need breast pads for leaking?

Leaking is normal for a lot of mothers. To absorb the leaked milk, mothers can use one or more breast pads made of reusable cotton, bamboo, or single-use paper. For certain occasions, mothers may want a pad with a plastic outer layer but regular use of these can keep the area too damp and may cause yeast infections.

A) Breast pads

Leaking is a cosmetic problem, not a medical one. It is normal for a lot of mothers and copious leaking is often a sign of a large milk supply.  

Mothers can use breast pads to absorb leaked milk. Consider these suggestions.

  1. Start with a regular breast pad (Griffiths 1993).These can be reusable cotton or bamboo pads or single-use paperpads and are worn inside a bra, wrap, or tube top.
  2. You can combine two or even three pads if necessary.
  3. In certain social situations, when any leaking could be awkward, you may prefer a pad with a plastic outer layer. This can be placed over one or more other pads. Regular use of a plastic layer may keep the area too damp and contribute to to yeast infections.

Cotton and bamboo pads be bought or handmade. As they are reusable, they cost less. They can be washed and dried with the baby’s clothes.


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