Breastfeeding coverups

Should I buy a breastfeeding cover?

You may feel more comfortable breastfeeding if you cover up. There are covers you can buy for this, but a blanket, sweater or loose shirt can work just as well and is cheaper. If you do cover up, make sure it doesn’t affect your positioning or latching technique.

A) Coverup options

In many countries, breastfeeding in public is acceptable or at least protected by law. Breastfeeding without a cover is generally more practical.

Some mothers are more comfortable covering up while breastfeeding in public or are required to do so. There are many styles of commercial coverups available, but simpler, cheaper options can work just as well, including a:

  • Blanket
  • Sweater
  • Loose shirt

Covers can have a limited period of use. Babies don’t always accept being covered, particularly as they grow older, and will pull the cover off or refuse to breastfeed under one.

If you do cover up, make sure it does not affect your positioning or latching technique.