Triplets and more

How do I breastfeed triplets?

Twins are a lot of work and triplets and quadruplets even more. Mothers have been reported to breastfeed four babies at once. Some mothers will breastfeed but also supplement.

A) Breastfeeding triplets

With triplets, you need even more help and more patience than with twins. 

Some mothers of triplets breastfeed two babies at once and bottle-feed one at each feed and then rotate the babies at the next feed. Some put infant formula in the bottle and others express to provide breast milk.  

All of this is a lot of work. Make sure you have lots of help.

Mothers have been known to breastfeed quadruplets exclusively. One of these mothers lost 27 kilograms (60 pounds) (Auer 1998; Berlin 2007; Mead 1992). It is extremely important to eat enough food to avoid excess weight loss. Mothers may also consider calcium and vitamin D supplements. Dieticians can be very helpful in this situation.


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