Signs that milk supply Is increasing

Is my milk supply increasing?

There are several signs that a milk supply is increasing. The mother’s breasts may feel fuller and heavier and leak more. They may produce more milk when measured using expression and the baby may need less milk supplement. Mothers should these changes within a few weeks if they are taking steps to increase their milk supply. If there is no increase in supply by three weeks, it is unlikely any more effort will increase the supplyIf any changes are made to the baby’s feeding patterns or amount of milk supplement, babies should be closely followed by their health-care providers to monitor their growth.

A) Describing signs that milk supply is increasing

The more of the following signs mothers notice, the more likely the milk supply is increasing:

  • Breast changes:
    • More fullness
    • More heaviness
    • More leaking
  • A baby who:
    • Is happier during and after breastfeeding
    • Requires less milk supplement
  • The amount of expressed milk increases

If you are taking steps to increase your milk supply, you should notice some of the changes listed above within a few weeks. If there is no increase by three weeks, it is unlikely any further effort will increase the supply.

B) Monitoring the baby

If any changes are made to your baby’s feeding pattern or the amount of supplement is decreased, your baby must be monitored by your health-care providers to make sure the baby is getting enough milk and is not underfed.