Using foods or drinks to increase milk supply

Will eating certain foods or drinking more liquids increase my milk supply?

Mothers need only to eat when hungry and drink when thirsty. There are no specific foods that will increase milk supply and drinking more liquids will have no effect if the mother is hydrated. Only severe dietary deficiencies or dehydration can affect the quality and quantity of breast milk.

A) A mother's diet only needs to be reasonably healthy

A mother only needs to eat when hungry and aim for a diet that gives her all the nutrients she needs to be healthy to provide her baby with good milk. Eating a balanced and reasonably healthy diet also gives mothers the energy to look after the child.

Although many cultures use various foods with the hope of increasing milk supply, there are no specific foods that have been found to do this.

Dietary deficiencies as when a mother is missing vitamins such as vitamin B12, or minerals such as iron, can affect the quality of her milk. If you have any concerns about your diet, please see your health-care providers.

B) Increasing a mother’s liquids will not increase her milk supply

 A mother only needs to drink when thirsty. Drinking more liquids will not increase milk supply.