Premature delivery

Did having a premature baby affect my milk supply?

There are many reasons why mothers of premature babies may have a low milk supply. Their breasts have had less time to mature during pregnancy. Sometimes the baby is too weak or ill to breastfeed effectively right after birth and to stimulate milk production.The mother may be ill, leaving her unable to breastfeed or express. The mother and baby may be separated or the mother may have trouble expressing. Some of these challenges can also cause a once full milk supply to decrease.   

A) Describing milk supply when the baby is premature

The act of breastfeeding can be challenging for premature babies. Their mothers can have difficulty establishing a full milk supply. They are at risk of a reduced milk supply when reliant on expressing to provide milk. 

B) Causes of a low milk supply when the baby is premature

A mother of a premature baby may always have a low milk supply because: