New pregnancy

Did my milk supply go down because I am pregnant?

Milk supply can decrease after a mother becomes pregnant and cause her breastfeeding child to grow poorly. Breastfeeding behaviour and patterns may also change at this time.  

A) Describing breastfeeding while pregnant

As long as there are no reasons not to do so, breastfeeding while pregnant has many benefits. Please discuss breastfeeding while pregnant with your health-care providers.

When a breastfeeding mother becomes pregnant, her milk supply may decrease and there is no safe way to increase it. Rather the mother must wait until the new baby is born. 

B) Feeding the current baby

A decrease in milk supply can result in poor  growth and affected babies will need to be given extra milk. Children over six months of age get some of their nutrients from solid foods but milk is a very large part of their diet in the second six months of life.  Poor growth is more likely if children are less than one year of age and especially so if they are less than six months.

A decrease in milk supply will likely affect the child’s breastfeeding behaviour and patterns