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For a low subscription fee of $5 Canadian a year, you gain access to extensive, effective, practical, evidence-based information. Our team has taken great care to make sure you have the support you need on your breastfeeding journey.

We charge so we can continue to offer unbiased breastfeeding and independent information and solutions.

We wish to help as many families as possible. For this reason, some of our content is free and we have kept the amount we charge for full access very low. We also donate five percent of our profits to environmental charities.


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We have developed a quick assessment tool to help you understand and overcome the unique breastfeeding challenges you are facing. A portion of the content is free, providing you with an opportunity to experience the quality of support you will receive with your subscription.

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With 600 FAQs, 250 audiovisual aids, and over 3,000 scientific references, we have answers to nearly every breastfeeding question.

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