How can I help my baby latch onto the breast?

The following is a tool to help you find and fix your baby’s latching problems.  

Normal babies occasionally let go of the breast or refuse to latch if they are not hungry. They still grow well. A baby with a latching problem cannot take in enough milk and will not grow wellNewborns with a latching problem may become very sleepy and lose too much weight

If your baby cannot latch or stay latched:  

  1. Feed the baby with appropriate milk
  2. Consider expressing after all feeds to establish and maintain your milk supply and to provide milk for the baby.  
  3. Try to find and fix the cause of the latching problem. 
  4. Work closely with your health-care providers to ensure that the baby is getting enough milk.

Can the baby latch, stay latched, and breastfeed effectively?

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